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One take away from how the Biden team has handled this new crisis, is once again Democrats seek to take the highest possible moral ground instead of treating this like the political and communications boondoggle that it is. The stated reason for the press secretary and Biden himself playing dumb about the amount of documents floating around out there is to allow the investigation to play out unencumbered by the actions of the White House. While it is certainly refreshing to have an executive branch not actively trying to undermine the Justice Department, it doesn't do Biden and his team and favors politically. I'm not saying that they should do anything bordering on Trump's irrational defense of his document fracas, instead the opposite, Biden and Co should have just come out with everything the second they KNEW it and when they KNEW it.

The second there was documents found in November, they should have released a statement saying just that, "documents potentially classified in nature were found at the Penn Biden center today, the justice department was immediately contacted to investigate, and we are cooperating fully since we actually take document security seriously unlike the previous admin....etc". So when inevitably when more docs were found it would at least be seen as part of an ongoing investigation that Biden was cooperating and not as part of a large scale cover up that we found out about months later because of media intervention. Then it's much easier to make the contrast between Biden who not only cooperated but was upfront about his document issue and trump who declassified things with his mind.

OK, now that I've said my piece on that, thank you so much Mike Pence for once again being slightly less shitty than Trump. Like honestly, big picture, if Trump wasn't around, and Pence was the one that was President previously, we would be lamenting how close we came to living in an evangelical theocratic nightmare of a nation, and he would be the joke of what's left of the GOP old guard. But that's not what happened, and now we get to thank Pence once again for publicly trashing his former running mate.

Ill disagree on the intention though here for Pence, I think it's more likely that if/when Pence runs for office, he wants to be as squeaky clean as possible scandal-wise, so bringing this out now makes it less of an issue closer to primary season. Honestly they're all dumb and need to realize that the younger generations coming up (yes i still include us elder millennials since our ruling class are in their 70s and 80s) value a level of authenticity with their political officials and the mistake (as long as its not too big or repeated too often) is never as big as the cover up. Thats why I think people dislike their government, its not just because of the abuse of power, its the hidden and shadowy nature of government actions and the desire for covering up the truth.

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