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The increasing polarization of the electorate over the past 20 odd years suggests RCV is a great option in those few states that do not offer open primaries. Increasingly, I'm inclined to believe RCV is better than open primaries. We are politically cynical. Witness millions of Dem Super PAC dollars funneled into Trump-backed GOP candidate primaries to bolster the chances of the easier guy to beat. The strategy worked. What's also appealing about RCV is the forced education of voters.

I wish Trump would go away, but I'm neither holding my breath nor running around with my hair on fire. My primary concern with another Trump run is how much fuel that gives to a 2nd Biden term. That's the disaster I'd like to avoid. And without RCV, we'll keep playing this same game with the most fringe candidates (or the most senior, establishment, political dinosaur candidates) winding up on the ballots on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November every four years.

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Is RCV is the path to a more equitable and rational political system? I would be inclined to agree. I think that the Georgia election is an example of how RCV would result in a less bipolar political world. We saw republicans and independents vote for republicans for governor, sec of state, then vote for a democratic senator. These are the sort of results that RCV would give us writ large. As we saw in Georgia the candidates themselves became more important (partially because Walker was just so damn bad, but also because Warnock was uniquely situated to appeal across the aisle), while party ideology (at least momentarily) became secondary.

The runoff basically is a RCV process in two steps. The folks that vote for the libertarian the first time around then has their second-choice votes go to Walker or Warnock during the runoff. Im sure some voters changed their mind from leaning one way or another, but it seems like the 3rd party voters simply picked on of the other two candidates, and there wasn't much movement between Walker and Warnock.

Dave, how would RCV work in senate elections? like do we have to get rid of party primaries to really make it a voice of the people? or does it simply give 3rd parties slightly better visibility?

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What a conundrum! Hope that Trump runs or hope that he goes down in flames? If he runs, we can hope he mucks up the GOP to the point that they can't win. On the other hand, he deserves to be in jail, which leaves a huge opening for DeSantis.

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